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Shipping Containers Meet Water Sports in this Denmark Attraction

There is no amount of fun that cannot be had with shipping containers. From paintball barriers and laser-tag arenas to escape rooms and container pools, there is simply nothing you cannot do with your container. A European engineering company, Sweco, has found yet another way to create wholesome entertainment using containers with this super fun…

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Container School for Marginalized Children

In the last few decades, the shipping container has been transformed from a sturdy mode of transportation into a variety of different and unique objects, homes, and forms of infrastructure. Shipping containers have come to provide many uses for individuals seeking to create solutions for complicated issues, much like this Etania Green School in Malaysia.…

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Container Dwellings are Taking the World by Storm

Homes and residential buildings are getting reinvented with shipping containers. Shipping container homes and complexes are popping up all over the world as more people are realizing the cost-effective benefits to using containers in their construction processes. New York and Naples based architectural design studio, LOT-EK, designed a 75,000 square foot modular apartment building in…

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A Simple Container Brings Clean Water and Power to Those in Need

Containers can do more than just shipping. Reused and recycled shipping containers are currently being outfitted with solar panels and water treatment and purification systems by an innovative company called OffGridBox. These incredible shipping containers are used to help NGOs, schools, hospitals, businesses, and homeowners around the world become sustainable and resilient. The OffGridBox is…

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Architect Helps Starbucks Go Green with Shipping Containers

Globally acclaimed Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has once again constructed a gorgeous building for the coffee giant. This time, however, rather than going with a traditional brick-and-mortar building with flair, Kuma has decided to forgo convention and create a location made entirely from shipping containers for Starbucks’ first store in Taiwan and the Asian Pacific…

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Nomadic Hospitality with Shipping Containers

Shipping container innovation has taken a leap to new heights with this amazing mobile hotel by AccorHotels. The French multinational hospitality company AccorHotels owns, manages and franchises hotels, resorts, and vacation properties, and has finally achieved its vision and more with the Flying Nest. Renowned French designer, Ora Ito, designed the beautiful concept of the…

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Dive Into a Shipping Container Pool

Shipping containers continue to be a marvelous resource for innovative thinkers and clever environmentally conscious creatives. One way that people have found to recycle shipping containers is to repurpose them into these gorgeous and functional pools. That’s right. Not only can they be turned into modern, tiny homes, but shipping containers can also be turned…

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Container Schools: A Cost-Effective Solution

Day after day, innovators are finding more uses for shipping containers that are revolutionizing industries and reshaping the way we see buildings, housing, and construction. Among the many ways that people are rethinking conventionally constructed buildings is with schools made of shipping containers. Builders are converting sturdy shipping containers into comfortable and attractive spaces that…

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Shipping Containers are a Paintballer’s Dream

Paintball is a fun and competitive sport that allows players to enjoy indoor and outdoor physical activity, strategy, and teamwork. If you’ve ever played a paintball match outdoors, or seen a tournament/event, you’ve probably seen the paintball fields absolutely covered in shipping containers. They aren’t just there for decoration. Shipping containers fulfill an important function…

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The History of Shipping Container Homes

When Malcolm McLean invented shipping containers in 1956, he was trying to help with international shipping. He most likely did not think that these containers would become anything more than what he intended them for. Shipping containers have become increasingly popular in recent years, for a wide range of uses, including schools and homes. But…

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