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How Shipping Containers are Made

I have known for a long time that shipping containers are built to be both solid and durable, they have to be in order to carry valuable cargo all over the world, but I wasn’t sure exactly how they are constructed. I wanted to learn more to better understand why they make such a good choice for building homes, offices and even bridges. After doing a little research, here is what I found:

Shipping containers come in a variety of sizes and are built using high quality steel. They have a closed top and hinged doors, which makes it easy to load and unload cargo. The solid roof allows them to be easily stacked. This is great for crowded shipyards, but also means that they can be stacked and arranged to create interesting buildings with plenty of space.

The frame of the box consists of corrugated panels that are welded to solid steel rails. The corrugated pattern actually increases the strength of the box and makes it more durable. To add strength to the floor, a wooden frame is created and laid before being covered will steel panels.

shipping containers

shipping containers

In addition to being strong and durable, a shipping container also needs to be water tight. This is key to protecting cargo and ensuring safe passage during shipping. To help create a seal, special tubing is welded to the top of walls and all the door hardware is protected with rubber sealants. Before a container can be deemed complete, it is thoroughly tested for water tightness.

shipping containers

All of the care that is put into creating a strong and durable shipping container that can survive heavy loads and the open sea, also makes them perfect for construction. They come ready made handle just about anything.

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