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shipping containers

Would you Try a Flashy Container Penthouse Like This?

What does the outside of your home say about you? For this Brooklyn home with a bright orange shipping container penthouse, we can only assume that it says the homeowners are bright, fun, open-minded, creative, and practical. This shipping container penthouse stands out among the Brooklyn skyline, but what is it about? Designed by New…

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Repurposed Shipping Containers Became an Amazing Parking Attendant Tower

Shipping container repurposing just keeps getting better. Every day, innovative designers and architects find new ways to utilize shipping containers to create gorgeous works of art or amazing architectural feats. This day is no different. Check out this gorgeous micro tower made entirely of recycled containers. Standing bright and tall in Columbus, Ohio, this micro…

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Meet the Sunny Side Box

We all know about the wonders of tiny shipping container homes, but did you know that shipping containers could be used as wonderful additions to the home that you currently own? If you wonder just how this can be done, then look no further than the Sunny Side Box. Designed by South Korean multidisciplinary architectural…

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This Three-Story Paradise is Made from Shipping Containers

Shipping container residences are becoming a common occurrence all over the world. As the quest for sustainable housing collides with the desire for environmentally conscious recycled materials, shipping container homes are finding a strong footing in the housing market. Containers are strong, sturdy, and sustainable, but who knew that heaven could be found in a…

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This Shipping Container Office Is Everything We Could Hope For

There’s no space like your own space. Shipping container offices have become all the rage over the past few years and are becoming every bit as chic as their brick and mortar predecessors. A Shanghai design firm recently took several shipping containers and made them into a stunning, functional office space. With a timber canopy…

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Moving Made Easy With Shipping Containers

Moving to a new place is an ordeal. With all of the packing, expensive movers, boxes, and pricey storage companies, moving may very well be the worst thing in the world. At least, it feels that way when you’re in the thrall of it all. But, what if we told you that one simple shipping…

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Caution Cinema Combines Art With Safety and Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are a great medium to bridge the gap between art and functionality. This was best proven in 2017 when art and educational safety cinema converged in a shipping container to become the amazing and visually stunning Caution Cinema. Requested by the Associated British Ports, Caution Cinema was designed and built to educate dock…

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This Shipping Container Port Office Is Still Standing Strong

If you’ve ever looked for proof that shipping container buildings are built to last, then look no further than the Shipping Container Terminal at the Port of Ashdod in Israel. Built more than four years ago in 2015, this shipping container crate building has stood against harsh, sea air and storms without so much as…

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