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shipping containers

Container Kindergarten in Japan has an Elegant Design

Big things come in small packages. In this case, this tiny shipping container kindergarten in Japan proves just that. The need for a new space-saving building led to the creation of the school, and shipping containers were a compact solution for this Saitama kindergarten. Designed by a team of architects who specialize in the design…

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Container Car Care Centers Coming Your Way?

Shipping container architecture knows no bounds. It seems like no matter where you go, you’ll always be able to find some amazing architectural design that incorporates shipping containers into its flawless and stunning design. Bangkok, Thailand is no different. Check out this amazing car care center built with shipping containers. Designed by Thailand-based architectural firm,…

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Turning Shipping Containers Into a Football Stadium

Qatar is preparing to house the 2022 FIFA World Cup by building and designing an awesome new football stadium to house all of the rousing, athletic fun. And get this, the new football stadium will be made out of several modified shipping containers. Plans for the modular, demountable Ras Abu Aboud Stadium made of shipping…

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A Shipping Container Residence Like You’ve Never Seen

Artists and designers are taking their talents to new heights and expressing themselves with new mediums of creation. Some architects have taken their interest in sculpture and design into their realm of building design and have created many unique and breathtaking designs using plenty of unconventional materials, namely shipping containers. Check out this amazing cluster…

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Tiny Container Hotels

When the word “hotel” comes to mind, there is probably an image that comes associated with it, and I’ll bet it isn’t these adorable tiny shipping container hotels that are taking the country by storm. These little shipping container hotel rooms are shocking to newcomers but so comfy and cozy that you’ll be glad you…

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The Benefits of a Shipping Container vs. a Storage Shed

We all need a place to put our things. With limited space in the home, oftentimes it becomes necessary to use some form of external storage for the tools and items that we don’t use on a day to day basis but use enough to warrant keeping them long-term. Traditionally, homeowners have turned to backyard…

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Cultural Center Transformed With a Shipping Container Facelift

An old building in Guácara, Venezuela got a shipping container facelift during its transformation into an amazing cultural center. Venezuelan architectural collective, Pico Colectivo, put their minds to the task and created a beautiful new center for a culture that they are happy to call a “Cultural Production Zone.” Fulfilling the need for quality community…

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Affordable Shipping Container Office Spaces

Shipping container design and innovation has taken another leap as individuals have found another affordable and sustainable use of containers via these chic office spaces. Reused and recycled shipping containers are shined up and organized into comfortable, contemporary offices in this Danish architectural firm, Argency Studio. Described as an “office to feed contemporary needs” by…

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Shipping Containers Meet Water Sports in this Denmark Attraction

There is no amount of fun that cannot be had with shipping containers. From paintball barriers and laser-tag arenas to escape rooms and container pools, there is simply nothing you cannot do with your container. A European engineering company, Sweco, has found yet another way to create wholesome entertainment using containers with this super fun…

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Container School for Marginalized Children

In the last few decades, the shipping container has been transformed from a sturdy mode of transportation into a variety of different and unique objects, homes, and forms of infrastructure. Shipping containers have come to provide many uses for individuals seeking to create solutions for complicated issues, much like this Etania Green School in Malaysia.…

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