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The Benefits of Building with Shipping Containers

Shipping containers have become increasingly popular in recent years for homes and businesses. Here are some of the benefits of using shipping containers to build your home or business. Price Building with shipping containers is significantly cheaper than building your home out of more traditional construction materials. Many shipping container homes can be built for…

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Salons and Spas in Shipping Containers

The versatility of shipping containers has led to countless business owners setting up shop in a shipping container instead of a traditional building. One unique type of business for shipping containers is in the health and wellness industry, specifically salons and spas. While having your massage in a large steel box may not sound appealing,…

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Shipping Containers as Farm Outbuildings

Shipping containers have countless uses, including ways to make your farm or ranch run smoother. One huge benefit to using shipping containers for your outbuildings is they are fireproof and storm proof. They can also stand up to earthquakes, which may protect your animals if an earthquake hits your farm. Here are a few ways…

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Survival in Shipping Containers

People have been preparing end of the world survival shelters for years. The rich have poured millions of dollars into building underground survival shelters, some that look more like ritzy hotels than shelters, filled with amenities that can fulfill their every whim. But where does that leave the rest of us, who cannot spend millions…

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Feline Stowaways in Shipping Containers

Feline Stowaways in Shipping Containers   Cats love to lounge in boxes, and a shipping container is a palatial box for them to hide in. There have been several occasions of cats sneaking into shipping containers and surviving their journeys. Here are a few felines that got to travel abroad via shipping containers. Douglas In…

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What Happens to Shipping Containers Lost at Sea?

What Happens to Shipping Containers Lost at Sea?   Ninety percent of the world’s trade is done with shipping containers, and approximately 10,000 fall into the sea every year, which is about one lost per hour. A study in 2017 indicated that this number has dropped to about 1,582, the bulk of which are lost…

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Tiny Homes are a Minimalist’s Dream Come True

Tiny Homes are a Minimalist’s Dream Come True   Over the last decade or so, the country has seen a rising movement of minimalism, environmentally friendly living, and eco-awareness. Thousands of people have decided to take their excessive consumption and wasteful habits and do away with them as they make their way toward minimalism and…

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New Trends: Mobile Restaurants

New Trends: Mobile Restaurants   Shipping containers are a versatile commodity. There is so much that you can do with them that you may have never even known. Mobile restaurants are one of those new and fashionable ways of using storage containers that is taking the country by storm. Many restaurant owners wanted a cost-efficient,…

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Six of the Craziest Things Found in Shipping Containers

Six of the Craziest Things Found in Shipping Containers People ship all sorts of unique and bizarre things in shipping containers. Sometimes the containers get lost or abandoned, leaving others to discover what was left behind. Here are the 6 of the craziest things found in shipping containers 1. James Bond’s Car In 1989 a…

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Four Things to Consider Before Buying a Shipping Container

Four Things to Consider Before Buying a Shipping Container When purchasing a shipping container, there are some things about the containers and planning that need to be taken into consideration. Some of these need to be researched before purchasing your container, to ensure a smooth purchase and setup. Here are four things you need to…

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