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This Shipping Container Port Office Is Still Standing Strong

If you’ve ever looked for proof that shipping container buildings are built to last, then look no further than the Shipping Container Terminal at the Port of Ashdod in Israel. Built more than four years ago in 2015, this shipping container crate building has stood against harsh, sea air and storms without so much as a worry.

Designed by the Tel Aviv studio called Potash Architects, this shipping container structure was built using repurposed crates from the very same port in which it stands. The designers say that they utilized the shipping containers because they wanted the building to fully reflect its seafront location. Sitting in the Port of Ashdod, which is one of Israel’s two main cargo ports, the bright and bold shipping container building is located about 25 miles south of Tel Aviv and serves as a constant reminder of the benefits of reusing and recycling materials.

The bright red containers are structured in an eye-catching, but sturdy arrangement. It features one beautifully balanced shipping container that acts as the stairwell to the second floor. The office building offers a recreational area for employees and provides programming, architectural planning, system coordination, and interior design services all housed within the recycled and renovated containers.

After five long years of harsh sea weather and constant sunlight, the signature red containers still stand firmly in place. Sturdy and strong, this container office proves that a solid shipping container structure can last for years to come.

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