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This Shipping Container Office Is Everything We Could Hope For

There’s no space like your own space. Shipping container offices have become all the rage over the past few years and are becoming every bit as chic as their brick and mortar predecessors. A Shanghai design firm recently took several shipping containers and made them into a stunning, functional office space. With a timber canopy and a chic white finish, this shipping container office’s new design shows us that there’s beauty in the basics.

Designed by Chinese design firm Yiduan Shanghai Interior Design, this container construction is clever, spacious, innovative, and easy on the eyes. The office space is called “‘the solid and void,” and it is drawing plenty of attention in the region. Made of ten separate shipping containers, the spacious office building stretches three stories high and provides the office employees with a healthy environment for completing their work. It also includes some special interior designs.

Each of the ten shipping containers comprising the office building is paired with an outdoor “void box” that is designed to increase the interior functional area of the containers which are arranged in a staggered, stacked design. The first of the three floors operate as a recreational area for employees, the second acts as a cafeteria, and the third functions as the office workspace and meeting area. The beautiful wooden terrace stretches across the containers and creates a connected aesthetic for employees. Whoever said shipping container structures can’t be beautiful?

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