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This Shipping Container Generator Makes Drinkable Water Out of Artificial Clouds

If you read the title and didn’t think it was possible, then prepare to be amazed. This shipping container creates artificial clouds and then converts them into real, drinkable water. Created by Skysource, the WEDEW system is an energy-efficient technology developed for the process of harvesting fresh, drinkable water from the surrounding air.

The system was designed by a team lead by US-based architect, inventor, educator, and founder of Studio Of Environmental Architecture, David Hertz and has been making waves since it’s unveiling. The innovative and ingenious system has garnered a lot of positive attention, even going so far as winning the recent Water Abundance XPRIZE, a two-year development competition to find the best system of atmospheric water generation, at the end of 2018.

Described by the Skysource website as being “a versatile, self-contained, sustainable energy-water generator,” The WEDEW system “converts biomass into essential human resources while sequestering would-be greenhouse gases into the ground.” WEDEW, standing for “Wood-to-Energy Deployable Emergency Water,” the system superheats plant matter and then converts it into electricity and hot humid air. The hot, humid air functions like a manufactured cloud that can then be converted into drinking water by adding cold air to create condensation.

The WEDEW system can generate roughly 2,000 liters of water per day. The carbon-negative system has 100 percent renewable energy source and is expected to be used to help drought-stricken areas battle water scarcity around the world. What can’t be done with a simple shipping container?

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