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Shipping Container Hostel in Germany is Nautical and Amazing

Are you looking for a hospitable, nautical, shipping container hostel where you can rent a bed and have an amazing time in Germany? Well, look no further than this amazing and chic German hostel in the city of Warnemünde.

Shipping container hotels and hostels are no new commodity in this day and age. By using recycled and reused shipping containers, businesses are able to build big, spacious, and chic structures that are relatively inexpensive, compared to brick-and-mortar buildings, and plenty of fun for travelers. This is definitely the case with the shipping container hostel in Warnemünde.

Designed by Berlin-based architectural firm and an interdisciplinary team of architects, Kinzo, this shipping container hostel takes on some maritime themes and provides a comfortable place to rest your head. The 8-bed dorms contain amazing nautical themes with naval inspired bunk beds and decorative details. As the first upcycled hostel in all of Germany, the hostel captures the spirited charm of the harbor and shipyard surrounding it. The wide, open lobby is plenty cozy and has high ceilings and big windows, giving a bright and spacious feel for the visitors. What more could you ask for?

The Kinzo team states that “The idea to build a hostel out of vacant overseas containers, which look back on a fulfilled life at sea, is unprecedented…” and that “the industrial look of the harbor is playfully paired with urban nonchalance and a maritime feel.” Surely this is the case, and the hostel is a great success at meeting those goals. With a galley and cozy dwelling area, this hostel proves once and for all that shipping containers can be used to create comfortable, hospitable, dwellings. We’d stop by for a snooze.

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