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Make farms mobile with shipping containers

Shipping containers can be turned into greenhouses that can travel anywhere in the world. A farm comprised of shipping containers can grow up to an acre of crops in a 320 square foot area. It is easier to protect crops from pests and bad weather in these controlled environments, allowing crops to flourish.

These container farms can be equipped with solar lights, which can be put on timers to give your crops the right amount of “daylight” and night. They can also have sprinkler systems set on timers to keep your crops properly watered. Depending on how tall your crops will end up, you can set up stacked rows to allow more to grow at once. Being able to stack the shipping containers themselves is also beneficial to your container farm since that will let you have a larger farm on a smaller piece of land. Shipping containers can be equipped with solar panels too, so you do not need electricity in the area you are putting the farm in, another thing that makes these ideal for more remote areas of the world.

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These container greenhouses have been popping up in New York and Los Angeles, more urban areas that do not have space for a farm. In Detroit a container farm has become a community project, and is near transitional housing for Veterans, to give them some job training.  In some of the more remote parts of the world where growing crops is difficult or nearly impossible, container farms could be the solution. They would allow the people in these areas to have fresh fruit and vegetables year-round, regardless of their environment, taking a step toward ending world hunger.

In Churchill, Manitoba— an Inuit town in the subarctic region of Canada— does not get many fresh vegetables because of their icy living conditions. The amount of time it would take to ship produce to them often led to things beginning to spoil before they even arrived, and because of the distance, shipping produce was expensive. Last year the town set up a container farm for their community to let them have more fresh fruit and vegetables, making them the seventh town in the region to have one of these; they call it the Arctic Growing System. The other communities that have set them up broke even on the investment within a year. This project has also helped bring new jobs to the area, hiring people to tend the container farms.

A restaurant who wants to bring in fresh herbs and vegetables regularly could set up a container farm in the parking lot behind the building, allowing them to bring in their fresh produce with ease. They could be used on a ship too, giving those on board fresh produce without taking up too much extra space.

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