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DIY Shipping Container Home Built For Less Than $10,000


One of the most popular articles we published this year was our interview with Stephan Busley from Australia.

He caught everybody’s attention when he built his own shipping container home for under $10,000USD.

In our interview with Stephan we cover key topics such as insulation, foundations, construction techniques and cost.

Throughout the interview he also shares tips about how he saved money at each stage of the construction.

In total it took Stephan 7 months to build the home- however he was only working on the weekends. If he worked full time on it, he thinks he could get it built in less than 2 months.

You can access the full interview here.

New Shipping Container Home Plans Package

Sneak Preview of Shipping Container Home Plans Package

Back in 2015, we launched our first shipping container home plans package.

The package contained 20 unique floor plans and was a huge success. Since then we’ve been overwhelmed by the number of people who have been asking us to develop more shipping container home floor plans.

So in June this year we revised the plans package and added 30 completely brand new designs; making 50 plans in total.

Each plan comes with a floor plan, front and side elevation. This makes a total of over 150 scaled drawings.

The whole team has worked extremely hard to deliver the new Plans Package and I hope this shows when you see them!

So with great pleasure and pride I bring to you the new Shipping Container Home Plans Package.