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Container Kindergarten in Japan has an Elegant Design

Big things come in small packages. In this case, this tiny shipping container kindergarten in Japan proves just that. The need for a new space-saving building led to the creation of the school, and shipping containers were a compact solution for this Saitama kindergarten.

Designed by a team of architects who specialize in the design and construction of children’s facilities called HIBINOSEKKEI + youji no shiro, the OA kindergarten uses an “aspect of ecology for the short term of construction work and recycling” according to the designers. Before it’s contemporary shipping container face-lift, the school stood as a part of its community for over 50 years, garnering respect and a desire to preserve its legacy.

The OA kindergarten in Saitama was built using several recycled and reused shipping containers. Featuring a courtyard that contains a tall and beautiful tree that the children can freely admire, the school provides a wide, bright, and welcoming environment to facilitate the growth and learning of Saitama youth. Near the courtyard stand childcare rooms and a sheltered terrace for outdoor recreation.

Designers of the school state that the kindergarten’s design seeks to convey a larger message regarding environmental responsibility and adaptive reuse. The elegant container school was completed in 2016 and still stands strong in the heart of Saitama.

Shipping containers remain the basis of many amazing and innovative residencies, buildings, constructions and building around the world. What container structures have you seen around lately?

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