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Container Build with Two Shipping Containers


Container Build

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Watch how “Crack Tw0” designed this Container Build out of two containers to meet his personal lifestyle.  This is a great example of a practical build with some really nice options that were incorporated that add a personalized feel for the owner. .

Watch as they begin this container build by getting the site ready, delivering the shipping containers, making the cuts needed to create the desired look.   Watch as they go through all the phases of construction.

From site prep, insulation, electric and solar installation, heating and plumbing this slideshow show all the steps to complete this build. Take special notice how he used the cutouts to customize his home.  This is a complete build and he did an amazing job.

He built it and decorated it the way he wanted without breaking the bank.   He did an amazing job! Would you live there?

Visit our  Customization  page for more great ideas and start you next dream home or project.   We will help you along the whole process.   From buying the right containers at the best prices to helping you navigate the zoning and building laws in your city and state

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