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Caution Cinema Combines Art With Safety and Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are a great medium to bridge the gap between art and functionality. This was best proven in 2017 when art and educational safety cinema converged in a shipping container to become the amazing and visually stunning Caution Cinema.

Requested by the Associated British Ports, Caution Cinema was designed and built to educate dock workers and promote safe work practices. Designed by Scott Whitby Studio, the shipping container movie theater provides not only a place for workers to learn about safe practices, but also a comfortable place that promotes focus and mindfulness.

Caution Cinema is essentially a pop-up mobile cinema wherein port and dock workers are taught vital health and safety information necessary for their work environment. The designers state that Caution Cinema is “a fully immersive, multi-sensory, pop-up cinema experience.” They go on to say that they wanted to take “a shipping container (something commonplace in a dock environment) and turned it into something very alien, ensuring the full attention of participants from the moment of encountering the cinema.”

The cinema contains more than 1,000 soft and comfortable foam pyramids covering the walls, floor, and ceiling of the interior portion of the shipping container. This multi-colored foam is acoustic grade and is used on all internal surfaces to create a semi-anechoic chamber that inspires focus by being a completely alien arena for workers. The foam also ensures a sound-proof environment, free from outside noises and distractions.

The strength, durability, and mobility of shipping containers prove to create a diverse medium for combining artistic expression and educational practices. What more could you ask for from shipping container structure?

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