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Cambridge University Converts Shipping Container into a Modern Porters’ Lodge

Even from humble beginnings, elegance arrives to those who demand it. Surely this must be the case as a team of designers managed to grace the community by creating a gorgeous and elegant porter’s lodge from a simple shipping container. Its modern design and beautiful appearance have been a pleasure to students and faculty alike.

Designed by German design studio Neubau, Cambridge University’s new reception building is turning heads as it is made of a repurposed, recycled shipping container. The new porters’ lodge is located directly outside of the University’s Hughes Hall and provides a reception area for students and visitors as well as an office area for porters.

The project was initially set in motion after the college required and facilitated an increase in university porters. As the need for the new lodge required quick work, Neubau decided that a fast, easy, and efficient way to provide that space would be to utilize the sound structure of a sturdy shipping container. The design team went quick to work to create the new lodge while keeping in mind the necessary aesthetic of the lodge as a focal piece outside of the entrance into the college. And thus, the container porters’ lodge was born.

The lodge is segmented into three sections with the first being a reception area that is visible to outsiders by the glass wall on the container’s edge. This reception area features 475 “pigeon holes” for students to collect letters. The center acts as an office for the porters while the other end functions as a parcel and storage area. The lodge is set to remain in its location for five years and is already a big hit with students. Who knows? Maybe a container lodge may just be heading your way.

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