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Archive for October 2018

Pop-up Bike Shops

There’s nothing like the great outdoors. Refreshing and energizing, open areas are great places to relax and absorb your surroundings, and what better way to experience the outdoors than with a bike ride? You can even enjoy biking when on vacations and in new areas. Just drop by your friendly neighborhood pop-up bike shop and…

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Mobile Tiny Homes and Student Housing

Mobile Tiny Homes and Student Housing Shipping containers can be turned into several different types of living dwellings without much difficulty, and they are eco-friendlier to live in and construct than a traditionally constructed home. Shipping containers are easy to obtain, and they are usually recycled. Their durability is another big selling point when looking…

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Shipping Containers: Brewing Beer in a Giant Can

Shipping Containers: Brewing Beer in a Giant Can Self-brewing craft beer has become popular in recent years, but not everyone has space in their homes to set up a brewery. Shipping containers can offer a solution to that problem. They can be parked on your property, even added to the building itself, or even just…

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Shipping Containers as Libraries

Shipping Containers as Libraries Shipping containers have been turned into libraries all over the world to help bring literature to children that may not have access to libraries. This is relatively simple to do; all you really need is some shelves, books, and maybe some comfortable seating, and you have a library. In Batu, Indonesia…

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Shipping Containers Enriching Children’s Lives

Shipping Containers Enriching Children’s Lives Shipping containers have been turned into countless things over the years, including children’s playgrounds. Since they are designed to be stacked and to last a long time, they are a great resource to bring playgrounds to children. These modifications have been popping up all over the world, giving children large…

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Container City

Shipping containers are so versatile, they can be turned into almost anything. There are malls, apartments, offices, and more that have been constructed with shipping containers. But some people came up with the idea to construct an entire city out of shipping containers. About two hours outside of Mexico City, in San Andrés Cholula is…

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16 Fun facts about shipping containers

16 fun facts about shipping containers There are countless creative things you can do with a shipping container, but do you ever wonder what the deal with these containers is? Here are some fun facts about shipping containers. Ships move approximately 95 percent of the world’s cargo. Since shipping costs are still high, it is…

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Container Gyms

One of the many ways shipping containers can be used for alternate uses is for a makeshift gym. Not only are they easy to move around but don’t take up too much space and can hold lots of equipment at the same time. The specialized military container gyms can hold as much as some punching…

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Why Shipping Containers?

One of the main questions we ask ourselves when we are about to buy a shipping container is if it’s the one. When making a purchase of this magnitude and importance we ask ourselves questions like, “is this a good thing for the Earth? How much do they cost? Can they hold themselves in a…

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