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Archive for September 2018

Five things you can turn your shipping container into

Have you ever wanted to start a garden but didn’t have the proper atmosphere and temperature? Or start a little cafe in the middle of a community park? ContainerOne is the answer. Here’s a list of five totally creative inventions you can turn your ContainerOne shipping containers into at an affordable price.   A Pool…

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Shipping Container Restaurants and Art Galleries

Restaurants and Cafés With a little bit of creativity, you can turn your ContainerOne shipping container into anything, including a restaurant. Are you a café or restaurant owner who is looking for a quick and easy way to advertise your new and upcoming menus but don’t have the money to buy a whole new location?…

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Create your own workout space with a shipping container

One of the countless ideas for converting shipping containers is turning them into gyms. These can be turned into smaller personal gyms or larger ones, even CrossFit gyms. When you live in an area that does not give you enough space for your workout equipment, a shipping container gym can be the solution to your…

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Shipping Container Art Studios

Transforming shipping containers into buildings has become a major trend in recent years. People are turning them into anything: houses, greenhouses, and even mobile schools. Among these new trends are shipping container art studios. Artists require space to work, and that is not always possible in an urban environment, but with a shipping container you…

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Make farms mobile with shipping containers

Shipping containers can be turned into greenhouses that can travel anywhere in the world. A farm comprised of shipping containers can grow up to an acre of crops in a 320 square foot area. It is easier to protect crops from pests and bad weather in these controlled environments, allowing crops to flourish. These container…

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Shipping Containers: The Future of Science

The need for a laboratory in the field, especially in more remote areas of the world, can be filled by turning shipping containers into mobile laboratories. Whether you are doing medical testing or chemical testing, being able to have a lab with you at all times can be invaluable to a company. They are completely…

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Shipping Container Movie Theaters

Shipping Container Movie Theaters Shipping containers can be turned into almost anything with a little creativity, including movie theaters. All over the world shipping containers are being repurposed as movie theaters on both large and small scales, for special events and to bring more affordable theaters to areas that do not have access to traditional…

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