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Archive for June 2018

The Best Shipping Container Insulation Methods

Insulating your shipping container is important if you plan to spend any time in it. Depending on where you live, the climate can be unforgiving, with scorching summer temperatures and bone chilling winters. Even though we’ve seen container repurposing skyrocket, shipping containers weren’t designed to be a habitat for humans. They are made of steel…

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Watch Your Business Grow With the Addition of a Shipping Container

Businesses around the globe are using shipping containers to help them meet their needs while also taking advantage of all the benefits shipping containers offer. They are durable, flexible, cost-effective, as well as eco-friendly. Let’s see how you can use shipping containers to help your business grow. Shipping Container Storage Have you ever found the…

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Shipping container “pop-up stores” opening in Chicago

What Commercial real estate developer Related Midwest calls a “pop-up retail market” made of refurbished shipping containers is opening this month in Chicago. Starting their venture on Randolph Street, Related Midwest plans a trial run of a concept that could expand to other areas of Chicago if successful. Commercial real estate developer Related Midwest plans…

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5 Ways to Increase the Security of Your Shipping Container

Repurposing shipping containers are ideal for securely storing your belongings either on your property or at a remote work-site. Their initial purpose is to safely transport goods on boats, trains and trucks. That said, some thieves are good at their craft. Here are some simple ways that you can ensure that your belongings are kept safe and secure in your…

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Environmental Benefits of Used Shipping Containers

It is well documented that shipping containers are durable, weather resistant, and transportable, giving them impressive versatility. However, did you know that shipping containers are being utilized by different groups to help the environment? A Short Shipping Container History Re-cap Shipping containers were first developed by Malcolm McLean and Keith Tantlinger in 1955, revolutionizing the…

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Turn a Shipping Container Into a Secure Garage

No matter where you go, you see them all the time: Work trucks with ladders, cords, tool boxes and all kinds of equipment and power tools. Work trucks hold a business’s livelihood, allowing the job to be completed and customers to be happy. For drivers to be well-organized, they have to have the right tools…

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