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Archive for May 2018

Urban Designer Is Turning Used Shipping Containers into Affordable Work Spaces


With Urban rentals on the rise and low-income earners wages remaining largely sluggish, an urban designer, landscape architect, and city planner, has been working for years to find a reasonable, realistic solution to the affordable housing challenge troubling cities across the country. The Vision Wanona Satcher started ReJuve, an Atlanta-based non-profit urban design firm that…

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What Size Shipping Container is Right for You?


Have you made the decision that a storage container is what you need? Compared to other options it makes the most sense. But how do you choose the best storage container or shipping container that best fits your needs? A typical ISO shipping container is made from Cor-ten steel also known as” weathering steel”. Cor-ten steel is a corrosion…

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Farms Inside Shipping Containers: The Future of Plant Growing


In Los Angeles, a startup company, Local Roots, is using 40-foot-long shipping containers and turning them into “TerraFarms” that produce as many leafy greens as five acres of farmland. Not only are they using the shipping containers to grow all these plants, they are also doing it at a much faster pace, while using as…

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Tracking the World’s Shipping Containers Through Blockchain


A new company in the shipping industry is designing a Blockchain-driven platform that, for the first time, will provide a real-time registry of more than 27 million shipping containers. The new company, Blockshipping, says its solution is called the Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP). They believe it has what it takes to address the disorganized…

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5 Tips before Using Shipping Containers as Portable Storage Units


Converting a shipping container into a storage unit is a great idea! This new trend has been growing in popularity over the past few years.  With the surplus of both new and used shipping containers, making the cost go way down, there are some great deals to be had when compared to other alternatives. Before…

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College Students Use Shipping Containers to Help Refugees


With more refugees today than ever before, and exceedingly more expected in the coming years, the need for quick housing options is a necessity. As scary as it may sound there are actually several refugee camps of a million or more people. Each camp has a need for medical facilities, bathrooms, showers, water sanitation and…

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Ever Consider a Shipping Container as a Storage Shed?


With spring now in full bloom, your honey-do list may include spring cleaning, and reshuffling all your lawn and garden tools in your garage. Have you been wanting to purchase a shed for all your yard gadgets  but have been reluctant to pay the cost? How about considering a used shipping container instead of a…

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Rehabbed Shipping Containers Make Perfect Food Hall

Shipping Co. 4

In Detroit, a food hall built from 21 rehabbed shipping containers plans to open Memorial Day weekend. Designed and built by the Detroit Shipping Company, when finished, the food hall will be a $3.1 million, 12,000-square-foot, two-story structure. The half-indoors, half-outdoors food center will include seating that will be shared among six food vendors, two…

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Reimagined Shipping Containers Become Spiffy Lodging

We furnish containers2

Just outside of Round Top, TX, a town that’s about an hour’s drive from Austin, is home to the newest chic hotel to hit the area in a long time. The Flophouze Hotel doesn’t look like a boutique hotel from the highway with its red and blue shipping containers that you’d typically see belted to a…

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