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Archive for April 2018

Shipping Container Homes for the Homeless

shipping container homes

With a name like, the Cottages at Hickory Crossing, it sounds like something you might find in a nice suburban neighborhood. But the Cottages at Hickory Crossing are not out in suburbia. They are, instead, an experimental group of 50 micro-houses for the chronically homeless, and they are on three acres of open space in central Dallas, where Interstate…

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Build A Mall With Used Shipping Containers?

Shipping Container Mall

A new retail development is beginning to take shape in Wichita, KS, which is not anything new, when it comes to a growing and ever evolving mid-western community in the US. What is raising eyebrows and turning heads in this city in the heart of America is the unusual looking project that’s been taking shape…

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Shipping Containers: Durable and Affordable


Shipping containers are one of the most well-built, durable, portable structures made.  So much so, that they are being utilized every day as an alternative to traditional framed structures.  Some of the applications range from single container projects, like offices and storm shelters to more elaborate purposes like utilizing multiple containers for schools, mini storage, and…

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Farming in a Shipping Container

Ford Mobile Farm

In the early 20th century, people left their farms to come to Detroit and work in factories like Henry Ford’s. Now, in the early 21st century, the Ford Motor Company Fund is setting out to educate kids about farming and nutrition with a mobile, indoor, year-round gardening project in Detroit. Cass Community Social Services is initiating a…

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Portals to Another World in a Shipping Container

Baltimore 1

In December 2014, Shared Studios launched the global public art initiative called Portals. Portals are gold-colored shipping containers equipped with immersive audiovisual technology and spread out in public sites around the world. When individuals enter a Portal, they feel as though they are sharing the same space as someone in an identical Portal somewhere else…

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Shipping Containers: A Short History


Because shipping containers are now so common-place, we take them for granted in today’s society. But did you know that just 60 years ago we had no shipping containers? Let’s look at the history of shipping containers- what we used before them, who invented them and, the impact they have had on globalization. Before We…

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Making Your Shipping Container Safe


Aside from the generally proven sturdiness of shipping containers, one other thing that you can do to protect your loved ones and yourself is making sure your shipping container home is built on a solid foundation. One of the most common discussions on the safety of shipping container unit is their ability to withstand violent…

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